Era: 1991—FACE IN DIRT

1991: David appears in Richard Morrison film “Bust”

Richard Morrison Bust still

June 7, 1991: Haoui Montaug Dies age 39

Cara Perlman, Haoui Montaug with his Portrait at Tin Pan Alley, 1991. Photo copyright and courtesy Cara Perlman.

1991: A Formal Portrait of Culture

Why the Church Can't Won't Be Separated From the State 1991

1991: In The Shadow Of Forward Motion

David Wojnarowicz & Ben Neill, ITSOFOMO (In The Shadow Of Forward Motion), 1992. New Tone, CD.

June 1991: Michael Morais dies of AIDS, age 46.

Poet Michael Morais

October 26 1991: David performs last reading at ACT UP benefit

David Wojnarowicz performs his last reading from "Close to the Knives" at The Drawing Center to benefit ACT UP's Needle Exchange Program, October 26, 1991

May 25 1991: Creates “Face In Dirt”

Untitled (Face in Dirt) 1991

May 7 1991: Phil Zwickler dies of AIDS age 36

Bill Bytsura, Phil Zwickler, 1991. From The AIDS Activist Project. Photo copyright and courtesy Bill Bytsura.

April 23 1991: Publishes Close to the Knives

David Wojnarowicz, Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration, 1991

1991: Whitney Biennial

He Kept Following Me 1990