Wojnarowicz Foundation Oral History Project Expands

New York, NY – The David Wojnarowicz Foundation continues to grow its ongoing series of oral history audio narratives on its website, wojfound.org.

These illustrated audio interviews focus on people David valued in his lifetime, as well as a new generation inspired by his work. This includes interviews with friends, activists, artists, archivists, gallerists, curators, writers, and David himself.

In the latest series, with material drawn from interviews conducted by documentary filmmaker Chris McKim, listeners hear from Tom Rauffenbart, David’s partner for the last seven years of his life. Each impacted by AIDS, the two fought side by side as activists, with Tom eventually serving as primary caregiver as David’s health declined.

“Apart from their loving partnership in their shared life together, Tom is responsible in many ways for the work we do today,” said Anita Vitale, Board Chair of the Wojnarowicz Foundation. “Tom’s decades of care for David’s legacy continually introduced this artistic, literary, and activist work to new generations.”

A longtime AIDS survivor, Tom Rauffenbart died in 2019. He was a vocal supporter and was extensively interviewed for the Chris McKim documentary film Wojnarowicz: F**k You F*ggot F**cker, released in 2020. Interview excerpts appear courtesy of World of Wonder Productions, Inc.

David Wojnarowicz (1954–1992) was an accomplished artist, writer, and activist. The David Wojnarowicz Foundation advances the understanding of his work through scholarship, exhibitions and publications. The Foundation is created to inspire and foster a new generation of queer artists and writers to find their voice, pursue their truth and to continue the activism that so defined David Wojnarowicz’s life and art. Through scholarships and grants, The Foundation will assist both organizations and individuals that support these ideals.

Oral histories are part of the Resources section of the Foundation website updated on an ongoing basis.

“Hearing the stories of David and Tom’s life together, a partnership which had a life of its own, quite apart from their professional lives and other friendships, will be a revelation to many listeners,” Vitale said.

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