The Estate of David Wojnarowicz at P·P·O·W

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P·P·O·W has managed The Estate of David Wojnarowicz since his death in 1992.  Founded in 1983 by Wendy Olsoff and Penny Pilkington, P·P·O·W was among the first wave of the East Village art galleries.

The P·P·O·W website offers David’s biography, selected works, videos, exhibitions, publications, art fairs, and other news.  

In 1989, P·P·O·W exhibited David Wojnarowicz’s solo show “In the Shadow of Forward Motion” which the gallery described as “an exhibition of paintings, photography, and sculpture …[examining] the invented structures which pre-determine our daily existence.” In 1990, the gallery exhibited “The Lazaretto: An Installation about the Current Status of the AIDS Crisis” and  “In the Garden”—David’s last two shows.