May 1985: Creates installation at Art in the Anchorage

Installation #5, 1985. Mixed media and sound installation at Art in the Anchorage.

1984-85: Photographed by Neil Winokur

Neil Winokur, David, 1985, from "Totem: David Wojnarowicz." Silver dye bleach print, 19 1/8 × 15 5/16 in.

1985: Evolution

EVOLUTION, 1985, Mixed media on plastic doll, 17.5 x 13 x 5 inches

1985: Untitled (Lion’s Skull and Baby Doll)

Untitled (Lion's Skull and Baby Doll), 1985. Mixed media (painted lion's skull, acrylic on printed map paper collage, and painted baby doll), 10 x 10 x 14 in.

December 6 1985 : Shows at P·P·O·W

PPOW Indigestion show invitation, 1985

Winter 1985: David contributes to “Between C & D”

Cover of Between C & D, 1985. Courtesy Jean Foos and Dirk Rowntree

1985: Illustrates Stroll Magazine

Stroll Magazine, Spring/Summer 1985

March 13 1985: Invited to Show in Whitney Biennial

Detail, Science Lesson, 1981-82. Spray paint and stencil on mounted photograph, 4 panels, 96 × 164 in.

September 1 1985: Featured in Arts

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, "The New Irascibles," Arts magazine, 1985. Photo copyright and courtesy Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

May 11 1985: Takes Road Trip

Contact sheet from The David Wojnarowicz Papers in the Downtown Collection of Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University