The Broad

The Broad Collection includes four large mixed-media paintings by David Wojnarowicz, produced in 1986: Some Things from Sleep: For Jane and Charley; The Newspaper as National Voodoo: A Brief History of the U.S.A.; and Late Afternoon in the Forest

Of the latter work, the Broad’s curators write: David Wojnarowicz’s Late Afternoon in the Forest is composed of painted and collaged imagery in a loose, dreamlike landscape…. In the top left, an image of the Parthenon repeats, paired with a White House. Near the center, glowing green pillars line a subway tunnel, a gritty site in 1980s New York where Wojnarowicz lived and worked. Red ant-like creatures with human heads crawl out from the columns; both bodies and space are segmented in this neglected environment. On the left is a skull with its mouth sewn shut, a painful mutilation the artist would later execute on his own body in the AIDS documentary Silence = Death (1990). The symbolic implications of Wojnarowicz’s iconic portrait, namely the grievous consequences of self-censorship, are still felt.”

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