David Wojnarowicz, Sounds in the Distance, 1978

Sounds in the Distance 1978

Sounds in the Distance, 1978. Handmade cover, stapled.

While working as a busboy at Danceteria, David created a prototype of his collected monologues titled “Sounds in the Distance: 35 Monologues from the Road” with an introduction by Brian Butterick.

The manuscript contains 35 stories of marginalized people living on the edge of the “pre-invented world,” who David met at pit stops across the United States.

He used this volume, with handmade cover and stapled binding, primarily to show  prospective publishers. Danceteria bartender Max Blagg brought it to the attention of alternative press Aloes Books, in London. In 1982, Aloes published Sounds in the Distance, edited by Blagg with an introduction by William S. Burroughs.

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