Era: 1991—FACE IN DIRT

1991: Appears in Richard Morrison Film “Bust”

Still from Bust 14m 41s, 1991 by Richard Morrison with David Wojnarowicz Produced by: Elyse Cheney, Steven Harvey & Larry Mitchell; Camera & Edit: Michael Kasino. Copyright and courtesy The Estate of Richard Morrison

June 7, 1991: Haoui Montaug Dies age 39

Cara Perlman, Haoui Montaug with his Portrait at Tin Pan Alley, 1991. Photo copyright and courtesy Cara Perlman.

1991: A Formal Portrait of Culture

Why the Church Can't Won't Be Separated From the State 1991

1991: In The Shadow Of Forward Motion

David Wojnarowicz & Ben Neill, ITSOFOMO (In The Shadow Of Forward Motion), 1992. New Tone, CD.

June 1991: Michael Morais dies of AIDS, age 46.

Poet Michael Morais

October 26 1991: Performs last reading at ACT UP benefit

Program for ACT UP Needle Exchange benefit at The Drawing Center, NYC, 1991

May 25 1991: Creates “Face In Dirt”

Untitled (Face in Dirt) 1990

May 7 1991: Phil Zwickler dies of AIDS age 36

Bill Bytsura, Phil Zwickler, 1991. From The AIDS Activist Project. Photo copyright and courtesy Bill Bytsura.

April 23 1991: Publishes Close to the Knives

David Wojnarowicz, Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration, 1991

1991: Whitney Biennial

He Kept Following Me 1990